“True healing of any condition, ‘prakriti sthapana' means to restore the mind, body, and spirit to their naturally balanced states”. - CHARAKA SAMHITA

Ayurveda is the world's oldest system of natural medicine. It has been in continuous practice for over five thousand years. Recognized by the World Health Organization, A yurveda (science of life) originated in the Vedic civilization of ancient India . The central premise of Ayurveda, is that a life lived out of harmony with its environment will ultimately result in disease. Ayurveda encourages prevention, health maintenance, rejuvenation and self-realization by reestablishing harmony through the cultivation of awareness of balance.


According to Ayurveda, there are five elements which define the states of material existence; ether, air, fire, water and earth. These five elements are always present within us, but like the tides of the ocean, these elements ebb and flow, change with cycle of seasons, time of day, time of life, climate and geography. Each person is born with a particular energy configuration and a natural affinity with certain elements.


These five elements combine to create all of nature including the three fundamental energies, doshas; Vata, Pitta, and Kapha , that govern the functioning of our bodies. Each of us inherently has a unique balance of these three doshic energies within us.

VATA is composed of ether and air . Its qualities are much like the wind; dry, light, mobile, and cool. A person with Vata as their predominant constitution has a quick, flexible, and creative mind. They have long, thin bones and fingers with minimal muscular development. When out of balance , a Vata person has the tendency toward nervousness, anxiety, worry, insomnia and has difficulty handling stressful situations.

PITTA is composed of fire and water with qualities that are hot, light, unstable and slightly moist. A person with Pitta as their predominant constitution has determination, discipline, focus and an intense, fiery personality. They have deep-set, penetrating eyes and moderate musculature with good definition. When out of balance , the Pitta person has a tendency toward anger, resentment, and control. They can become overly critical and judgmental in their thinking.

KAPHA is composed of water and earth with the qualities of moist, heavy, cool and relative stability. The Kapha- predominant personality expresses faith, patience, devotion, and a sense of being grounded. Their structure is thick and dense with a round face, short neck, good musculature and tendency toward stockiness. When out of balance , the Kapha tends toward lethargy, sadness, and depression. They can become rigid and fixed in their ways, leading to “attachment” challenges.


Ayurveda embraces all aspects of life, optimizing health through diet, lifestyle, herbal therapies in the form of medicated oils, capsules, decoctions, teas and formulas, massage, meditation, yoga, aroma, color & sound therapies and Pancha Karma, the most profound of all Ayurvedic therapies. By making conscious lifestyle choices which enhance our well-being, guiding us in the direction of harmony within ourselves, our surroundings, and nature, we restore balance at the deepest level of our body, mind, and spirit.

Your Ayurvedic consultation is a comprehensive exam which will evaluate your health concerns using a detailed and complete health history and the time-honored techniques of Ayurvedic pulse and tongue diagnosis. Finding the root cause(s) of imbalance will help to reveal the underlying factors which are preventing you from experiencing optimal health. Your Ayurvedic consultant will create an individualized plan for you using the many Ayurvedic therapies available. Follow-up visits are designed to help you continue implementation of your unique plan by becoming self-sufficient and in control of your health and well-being.

Who can benefit from Ayurveda? Virtually everyone can benefit from the knowledge and practice of Ayurveda; the person with long standing health concerns, someone interested in remaining healthy or preventing disease, as well as those looking for growth physically, psychologically or spiritually.


Pancha Karma (five actions or therapies) is a process which removes deep seated toxins from the tissues and cells of the body, restores doshic function, and normalizes digestion and elimination. Traditionally given at the changing of the seasons, Pancha Karma (PK) reestablishes harmony and balance on all levels of body, mind, and spirit.

The uniqueness of Pancha Karma is that it puts the attention on the patient and not the pathology of disease. It does not treat diseased organs or tissues; it treats and manages doshas. According to Dr. Deepak Chopra M.D., "The value of Pancha Karma is that it offers systematic treatment for dislodging and flushing toxins from every cell, using the same organs of elimination that the body naturally employs -- sweat glands, blood vessels, the urinary tract and the intestines."

PK therapies involve the ingestion and external application of herbalized oils (oleation) followed by heat application (fomentation) with herbalized steam or hot towel application as well as other customized treatments. Diet is light, nourishing and easy to digest. Mental and physical activity is reduced to allow for optimal healing of the body and psychology. And extended periods of rest throughout each treatment day help to facilitate the healing process.

Treatments are followed up with a set of at-home-therapies designed to nourish, strengthen and balance the newly cleansed (dhatus) tissues, it strengthens the immune system, rebuilds the body and digestive fire (agni).

Pancha Karma results are usually visible and palpable. You may look and feel younger, as though years have melted away, experience a decrease or elimination of aches, pains or swelling, as well as experience a decrease in symptoms of disease, find a heightened sense of awareness in all 5 senses, feel lighter and at peace.